1. Geeklove
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Music and Lyrics by Clark Hinckley
Copyright 2016 Clark Hinckley
Clark Hinckley: Vocals
Jim Wheeler: Guitars, Keyboard
John Hinckley: Bass
Eric Wilson: Drums
Audio Engineered by Jim Wheeler
Recorded at Waldron's Studio 88


Written by Clark Hinckley
Copyright 2016 Clark Hinckley

Back in the 80’s I'd run home from school
To catch all the cartoons, they were super cool
Optimus. GI Joe. He-Man. Thundercats Ho-o
These other kids told me Dude you're such a dork
In a classroom of smurfs I was the only snork
they didn't know sci-fi. thought yoda was exercise

I felt like ET could I please phone home
Turn on the TV and be left alone

Like a kid outta Krypton, I felt outta place
But I started flyin, when I saw your face
Shining like the sun, something super had begun
was a close encounter of the nerdy kind
I swore you were Vulcan, you could read my mind
'nother case of disney love birds sang and all that stuff

We fit together like the Powerstar
and girl we got into some sweet Pon Farr

You’re the power of grayskull
You make me a better man
You’re my red lion
Yeah you’re my right hand
You’re my Bucky but a girl
My Cybertron, yeah my whole world

we stick together like spiderman
cause we know it's true love just like Han
No ma-ma-mask could hide how we both feel inside
cause you get me higher than a Silverhawk
with all of that Klingon dialect you talk
When you say “jol yIchu” I take you right to my room

Girl your kiss sends me into light speed
the stars start spinnin and I get weak kneed


Like 7 Zark 7 ill watch over you
I'm an Amazon lasso ill always be true
Together forever, so happy we’ll be
Like Doc Brown's Delorean we’ll make history

Verse - Solo
Now we're married yeah we've come so far
meet our children She-Ra and Thundarr