About Me

From a small country town in Connecticut, singer/songwriter Clark Hinckley has begun sharing his music with the world. Fans have described his sound as being like “John Denver”.

Clark writes country, folk and pop songs that are full of heart and humor. He conveys them with a voice described as “beautiful”, “soulful” and “wonderful”.

Clark’s debut single “Sweet Sweet Love” was self-released in Sept. 2016. The acoustic ballad received positive comments including “well written”, “wonderful” and “tender”. His second single “Geeklove”, a novelty pop song with cartoon/sci-fi references, was called “too much fun!” This summer, Clark has released two songs about his hometown entitled, “Romantic Willimantic” and “Hey John Gray”.

Clark continues to write and record with the goal of releasing a full-length album in the future. His hope is to remain a recording artist while also pursuing other creative ventures with his company, Fablebrook Entertainment.