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Sweet Sweet Love
Music and Lyrics by Clark Hinckley
Copyright 2016 Clark Hinckley
Clark Hinckley: Vocals, Guitar
Jim Wheeler: Guitar Solo, Organ
Audio Engineered by Jim Wheeler
Recorded at Waldron's Studio 88


Sweet Sweet Love
written by Clark Hinckley
Copyright 2016 Clark Hinckley
Sweet sweet love
Never gonna let you go
You know me like no one knows
Put up with my crazy so I guess I’ll keep ya round

My Sweet sweet love
oh your touch puts me at ease
Calms my soul and helps me breathe
Caresses like a summer breeze baby im spellbound

Like a blessing flowing down
upon my world oh you’ve surrounded
Me with colors laughter n’ love
You Heal my shadows with your light
You make everything Alright
You’re all I need yeah you’re enough
It’s So simply true
How I feel for you
My sweet sweet love