1. Happy New Year
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“Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year” EP
“Happy New Year”
Music and Lyrics by Clark Hinckley Copyright 2016 Clark Hinckley
Clark Hinckley: Vocals
Eric Michael Lichter: Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Organ, Drums, Vibraphone
Engineered by Mike McGaughan Assistant Engineer, Produced & Mixed by Eric Michael Lichter
Mastered by Steve Wytas
Recorded at Dirt Floor Recording and Production
Cover Art
Jessica Hinckley: Photo
Samantha Hinckley: Assistant
Clark Hinckley: Graphic Design


Happy New Year
Written by Clark Hinckley
Copyright 2016 Clark Hinckley

Happy New Year
Those stars in your eyes dear
All those hopes, those dreams, those wishes
I pray they come true

Having no fear
Just follow your heart dear
The passions you feel in your soul are real
Calling you

That voice inside, Let it be your guide, Lead you thru life
Oh don’t be swayed, trust and have faith as you make your way

And don’t you break child when you make mistakes
darling that’s what it takes to learn and to grow
My love there is no end you just begin again
every wound will mend then it’s off you go

So happy new year
Be brave and be bold dear
With every dawn strive on and on
Vision clear

till your dreams dear
they finally appear
for now it’s a sincere
Happy New Year