1. Snowfall
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“Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year” EP
Music and Lyrics by Clark Hinckley Copyright 2016 Clark Hinckley
Clark Hinckley: Vocals, Various
Jim Wheeler: Various
Eric Wilson: Drums
Arrangement by Clark Hinckley Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jim Wheeler
Recorded at Waldron's Studio 88
Cover Art
Jessica Hinckley: Photo
Samantha Hinckley: Assistant
Clark Hinckley: Graphic Design


Written by Clark Hinckley
Copyright 2016 Clark Hinckley

Oh when the glistening snow dances down
I can’t help from spinning around
and I grin ear to ear
oh The magic of Christmas is here

Oh as those sparkling crystals they twirl
Once again we’re all boys and we’re girls
All our cares fade away
And with hearts light with laughter we play

Oh the snow flows down with memories frozen in time
And all of our childhood holidays drift thru our mind
recall all the joy all the wonder when magic was simply the truth
yeah come have a ball in the winter snowfall discover the fountain of youth



Oh when day turns to night lights appear
like a rainbow from our homes so dear
And the snow masquerades
like a shower of jewels they cascade

and Oh as they waltz and they whirl thru the air
Aw the vision enchants like a prayer
and we can’t help but dream
Of what wonders this Christmas will bring


Come laugh and smile like you did as a child yeah make magic real be the proof