1. All Is Alright
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“Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year” EP
“All Is Alright”
Music and Lyrics by Clark Hinckley Copyright 2017 Clark Hinckley
Clark Hinckley: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Mike Roberson: Electric Guitar
John Hinckley: Bass
Valerie Timmins: Backing Vocals
Jim Wheeler: Various
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jim Wheeler
Recorded at Waldron's Studio 88
Cover Art
Jessica Hinckley: Photo
Samantha Hinckley: Assistant
Clark Hinckley: Graphic Design


All Is Alright
Written by Clark Hinckley
Copyright 2017 Clark Hinckley

All is alright
Because tonight because tonight
Born is the light
Behold the sight behold the sight
In a stable the animals lay
‘round a manger God’s child on the hay
Mother Mary and Joseph so gratefully pray
Haaaaaa Hallelujah
Haaaaaa Hallejujah

A star shines bright
A guiding light a guiding light
An Angel takes flight
With good news tonight good news tonight
For’s been born your redeemer today
Seek the savior who’ll cast sin away
Shepherds, Kings equal things as they gather to pray
Haaaaaa Hallelujah
Haaaaaa Hallejujah

Peace on the Earth Goodwill to all
Emmanuel this child shall be called
God with us here on the earth below
To show us the way his grace to bestow
Let heav’nly hosts sing alleluia
Glory to God for this gift of his love
Let this new dawn A new world conceive
Like Mary before us oh lord let it be
Let it be

Haaaaaa Hallelujah
Haaaaaa Hallejujah